Current Courses

The OSINTion is currently offering the following courses:

Courses in Development

The OSINTion is currently developing the following courses:

  • Basic Linux for Social Engineering and OSINT
  • Python Scripting, Automation, and APIs for OSINT (basically create your own tools)
  • OSINT Tools
  • Introduction to Social Engineering
  • Technical Social Engineering
  • An on-demand course with Udemy

New Payment Options

How to Use the Alternative Methods:

Some students have been reluctant to use PayPal for registering for OSINTion courses as of late due to possible security concerns with PayPal. As a byproduct, we have added new options!

Starting today (September 28 2020), we are offering the alternative methods.

  1. To use them, you will first need to register for the course and exit before completing the payment.
  2. Next, please email to begin coordination. 
    1. Coordination will consist of making sure we know that the payment is coming and from whom.
    2. For cryptocurrency, we will need to see what the current values are and determine what the Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), or ZCash (ZEC) equivalent values are.
  3. Once coordinated, use one of the following methods: