Continuing Education Credits and Employer Reimbursements

It was brought to my attention by a student that SANS accepted a certificate from the OSINTion as continuing education credits (CPEs, CEUs, CLUs, etc) to maintain their certification (which was not related to OSINT). If you hold a certification that requires any of the continuing education credits/units, feel free to submit your certificates of completion to get credit. If you took a course and didn’t get one of the new certificates (basically, not the ugly GoToTraining one), let me know and I will get you squared away.

I also had a student whose employer is reimbursing them for taking the course. Their employer required a certificate, but I can create invoices as well if that is what is required.

No pressure regarding attempting to get reimbursement, but I want you to know I have your back on that front.

Employer Invoicing

Contact us directly to set up invoicing or bulk purchasing.