Here are links to upcoming in-person training opportunities powered by The OSINTion!

Please note that depending on COVID-19, some in-person opportunities may move to virtual courses during the same times with little notice out of an abundance of caution.

BSides Kansas City 2021

The OSINTion will be providing 2 courses at BSides Kansas City on September 24, 2021. The conference will feature an OSINT village and be held on September 25, 2021.

Universal Prerequisites

While no tools or materials are explicitly required for either course beyond the ability and permissions to install scripts and software on the system that the student is using, although students could benefit from having the following:

Morning Session: Accelerated Introduction to OSINT (4 Hours)


This 4-hour course, taught by a member of the winning team at the DEFCON 28 OSINT Search Party, will begin with a series of foundational discussions about Open Source Intelligence and adjacent forms of intelligence. From this launching point, the course will dive into commonly used techniques and the use of social media to perform some basic tenets of OSINT investigations. Command-line tools may be discussed or demonstrated, but students will be able to follow along fully using nothing more than a web browser.

In brief, this course covers the following via lectures, labs, and demonstrations:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Definitions
  • What is (and is NOT) OSINT
  • Adjacent forms of Intelligence
  • Enablement of other Disciplines outside Intelligence
  • OSINT Heartbeat
  • Introduction to OSINT Tradecraft

Specific Prerequisites

General familiarity with web browsers, an inquisitive mind are the main prerequisites. Some familiarity with Linux will enhance student experiences.

Afternoon Session: Alternative & Advanced Search Engine OSINT (4 hours)


During the course of 4 hours, students will learn about a variety of search engines and techniques. This course will work on advanced search operators initially then pivot into regional and specialized search engines, providing students with a whole new area of the internet to use for OSINT collection and analysis.

In brief, this course covers the following via lectures, labs, and demonstrations:

  • Google Dorking/Advanced Operators
  • Other Search Engines
  • Regional
  • Specialized Focus
  • Techniques for more effective searching abroad
  • Considerations and use of each

Specific Prerequisites

This is a moderately advanced course. It is recommended that students have some exposure or experience with both OSINT and Search Engines.

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NOTE: There is a coupon code available for $10 off each course. You have to look for things with no context that may come in handy using your OSINT skills.

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