Here are links to upcoming in-person training opportunities powered by The OSINTion!

Please note that depending on COVID-19, some in-person opportunities may move to virtual courses during the same times with little notice out of an abundance of caution.

Paris, France (with EGE)

The OSINTion has partnered with EGE in Paris, France for a 3 day training event.

June 26-28, 2022: Applied Social Engineering

This is the companion course to Practical Social Engineering, that will satisfy the requirements of 1 of the 9 classes for The OSINTion Black Badge:

Applied Social Engineering (ASE), a 3-Day course discussing Open Source Intelligence in addition to Offensive and Defensive Social Engineering strategies, is the newest course offering from The OSINTion. ASE was created as the companion course to the course author and Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) winner, Joe Gray’s Practical Social Engineering. During instruction, students can expect the following:

  • Learn fundamental psychological concepts as they related to social engineering
  • Discuss ethics and legalities associated with social engineering
  • Learn how to scope engagements with the client for continued mutual success
  • Gain context about victims through the use of Open Source Intelligence Techniques targeting businesses and people in addition to Social Media
  • Learn several techniques for conducting phishing operations, including how to clone a landing page
  • Gain familiarity with meaningful and useful metrics for social engineering engagements – beyond measuring the number of clicks or opens
  • Acquire new insight into building a technical social engineering defense program
  • Understand the rationale and implementation of technical email controls
  • Learn to produce Threat Intelligence

In this 3-day course, students will be exposed to lecture, labs, and demonstrations to help solidify their comprehension and applicability for social engineering. As a result, students will be provided the following:

  • Removable media with tools, operating systems, and other useful utilities
  • A physical and electronic copy of Practical Social Engineering
  • Invaluable experience

Students should bring the following:

  • Pen and Paper for notetaking (or a digital equivalent)
  • A computer capable of running a virtual machine (Apple systems with M1 chips cannot run virtual machines) OR access to a cloud VPS (may be limited in GUI tools)
  • An open mind and an eagerness to learn

X33f Con (Gydnia, Poland)

The OSINTion has partnered with X33f Con in Gdynia, Poland for a 2 day training event.

July 19 – 20, 2022: Applied Intelligence – Zero to Hero

This is a custom course, that will satisfy the requirements of 3 of the 9 classes for The OSINTion Black Badge:

  1. Accelerated Introduction to Intelligence (AITI)
  2. Alternative & Advanced Search Engine Intelligence (AASEI)
  3. Intelligence Investigations: Business

The OSINTion 2022 Training World Tour

If you’re interested in hosting in-person or hybrid (simulcast) training, please complete the form located here.

We offer the following:

  • Custom Training Solutions on these topics:
    • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
    • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)
    • Image Intelligence (IMINT)
    • Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
    • Operations Security (OPSEC), Communications Security (COMSEC), and Privacy
    • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
    • Social Engineering/Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Existing Training offerings
  • Public, Private, or Hybrid options
  • In-Person and Simulcast options
  • If operating concurrently with a confeence, Public Speaking and Presentations

If you’re interested in hosting in-person or hybrid (simulcast) training, please complete the form located here.

As it becomes safer to travel, The OSINTion is evaluating cities and venues to bring our in-person training to a city near you, independently of a conference or other event.

In the meantime, please complete our survey to let us know what cities you’d like to see our training in!